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Everyone should watch SYTYCD.

Updates of life:

I'm finally getting to the most interesting parts of my 'Together' comic on Moon and Star Stories! But I'm having a hard time hitting my deadlines. gahh!

Hanging out with my family is so fun. I'm siblings with some of the coolest people around.

My daddy gave me an I-pod Touch. I love and adore it. *sniff* Thank you so much, Daddy!!

I finally have a working copy of Windows on my new harddrive. Nice to have photoshop and indesign back.

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I learned how to embed Youtube vids for this post. lol.

Edit 9/10/09 - Annnnd, they're gone. Makes me wonder if it was my linking to them that caused those youtube vids to be noticed and taken down. *growl* Dick Clark Inc, you are being idiots. If people can't watch previous, fabulous dances on youtube, how can they come to be interested in watching them live, when they can vote, and are actually stuck watching the commercials that support your show?

I can't convert people if I can't show them examples of why they should watch.
Yoshitaka Amano

Mistborn and Gurren Lagann, yes, RANDOM

I now have Utah license plates and a Utah drivers license. ehwahh.

I have passed 50 pages on my comic "Together" on Moon and Star Stories. YAY!!! It's more than half-way done.

Last Airbender teaser trailer....I just...don't like the font. I do like his tattoo.

After having read 4 of them, I can authoritatively say that Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novels are teh awesome. All of them. Elantris, Warbreaker, Alcatraz vs The Evil Librarians 1, and Mistborn 1 = fantabulousness.

However, the biggest thing on my mind after having finished Mistborn 1 at 7:30 am (*cough*) yesterday, was wanting to call my little brother and say:

"OMG, JEFFREY!!! It's GURRAN LAGGAN, season 1!!!!"

(When I did call him, waking him up at 9:30am, he forestalled me with "Don't tell me anything, I haven't read it yet." Which is why I'm frustrated and typing this here instead.)

The plot structures of the 2006 novel Mistborn: The Final Empire, and the first season of 2007 fanboy-adored Gainax anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are REMARKABLY SIMILAR. Don't tell me you haven't noticed. lol

Since they were developed independently and on the other side of the world from each other, I'm going to assume there was no actual cross-pollination on the stories, but just a case of creative minds thinking alike.

Let me outline:
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Vin had better not wield Galaxy Shirikans at the end of Book 3.
Yoshitaka Amano

"Drawing Humanoids" at Conduit


I'm going to be teaching a class at Conduit, the Salt Lake City Scifi Con, this Saturday.

The class is "Drawing Humanoids", and I'm going to be going over the proportions of the human body (elves, Vulcans...), and how to draw them. :)

This is the first time I will have taught this, and I'm excited. Have to get my handouts done.
Yoshitaka Amano

Have Job, Life good

Things are going so much better for me right now than they were, so I need to update, yes?

I got a good, solid, fabulous job at the end of March Collapse )

Life is definitely looking up. I have work, and goals to work towards, audiobooks to keep me happy, and some cash to live comfortably with. I have most of my siblings living really close to me, and we hang out all the time, and are loving and wonderful. They make me so happy. ^_^
Yoshitaka Amano

New Trek

I just have to say....


Oh, so-totally, you can call me a Trekkie from now on. A NoobTrekkie, or whatever classic fandom's going to call peeps who are only fans of the new series. And tell me there is going to be a new series, please, right? Give me eps, I's wants it.

And I shall be a Spock fangirl and ship Collapse )

Yes, the new Trek movie is completely awesome. The plot was tight, and brought out a lot of emotional responses from me (which is why I LOVED it), the pacing was a great fast clip, and the special effects were all smooth enough not to jar me out of the story, which was awesome.

Word of mouth/internet spread it, people! This is a great movie! Everyone one go see it, because I want more. XDDD
Yoshitaka Amano

Dead, Jim, Dead

Status Update:

So, finding a job...has been ridiculously hard. I've managed to land a part-time, minimum wage deal selling popcorn at a movie theater (oh, joy), and nothing else yet has panned out.

On the strength of the part-time job, I have gotten myself a room to rent with some lovely ladies in the ward I wanted, and that is wonderful. So glad to have my own space again.

Last month my harddrive died a horrible death, and I can't afford to fix it, so my computer is currently running on RAM and a Linux Ubuntu CD. I am very very grateful for the Ubuntu CD, as it allows me internet access and the GIMP, but not having a harddrive is still very painful, especially since I have likely lost a year's worth of work. The backup dvds I did do, I can't find right now, but anyways...

My ipod has also died and my flashdrive in on the fritz. ....Technology? Why do you abandon me when I can least afford to fix you? I could cry. (and have)

In other news, I've watched all seasons of the new Dr. Who with my friend Unicorn Emily and it was WONDERFUL and I love it OhEmGee, LTUE last month was fabulous, I'm in the middle of developing a new webcomic co-written by Emily, and am thinking of starting to teach art classes (that focus on drawing figures and proportions).

So, I have lots of big dreams and ideas, and zero money. Sounds like the rest of the world.
Yoshitaka Amano

New Comic: Together

My first comic for my original comics site "Moon and Star Stories" was recently completed, so if you'd like to read the entirety of Earth-Rooted online, click! - Moon and Star Stories

My next story, Together, has just started. 'Together' is a romantic scifi about a young woman struggling to survive in a war-torn, besieged city. It will be updating with a new page every Monday and Thursday, so please stop by and check it out! :)

In other news, I've almost finished with the commissions I got last week (yay!), the next section of Dogwood should be up soon, I'm still looking for a job, and goodness gracious, I'm living in Provo.
Yoshitaka Amano

Christmas Art and Quick Commissions

Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas!!
Mine was.

Just posted new art on dA, I'll get it up on my website later. My computer is in another state and ftping from a different computer is obnoxious.

Austen: Jane and Elizabeth
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

Decor: Pink Flowers
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

Decor: Poppies
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

Comm: ShinoHana
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

I'm offering quick commissions for this week only!
Watercolored single character for $18 and couple pics for $32. If you're interested, head to this dA journal entry for details. :)
Yoshitaka Amano

Avatar White-ness

I haven't had much net access in the last 2 weeks. So I heard about Shyamalan's live-action Avatar: the Last Airbender movie cast that was announced this week from my brother.

Cellphone Conversation:

Bro: So, Jasper is Sokka.

Me: Eh what?

He then informed me that the entire main cast of Avatar is white kids, and I got upset. Raged for 15 minutes. I'm still incredibly irritated.

ARG!!! REALLY!!!!! They should be ASIAN!!!!! GAHH!

At LEAST, at least, Zuko (and his entire completely awesome family, including Uncle and Azula) should be Asian.

I would love, also, for Katara and Sokka to be Inuit, or American Indian, or South American or Pacific Islander, or Indian or SOMETHING.

And an adorable Asian kid with excellent martial arts would be wonderful for Aang.

Or Zuko could be Filipino! (In support of my crush on Dante Basco. Love him.)

I was really, actually, looking forward to Shyamalan's casting, and seeing really awesome unknown actors of different races as the kids in these movies. I was going to enjoy it SO MUCH!! You've taken the joy and interesting-ness out of it, Paramount. I am sad.

As for the kids themselves: the girl playing Katara looks lovely, I'm glad the kid doing Aang at least does martial arts, but a blond Zac Efron-looking songster as Zuko?? Can he do rage and a shaved head????

And Jackson Rathbone as Sokka...can he do goofy slapstick? Physical humor and lame puns? In all the interviews I've seen with him, he comes off as Mr. Cool, with a wry sense of humor. Not goofy.

Being in two cult/obsessed-fan movie franchises is a really good move for his career, though. Props. If he does a good job. If the comic relief falls flat, however, we are going to be extremely upset.

The water tribe had BETTER have dark makeup. At LEAST!!!