Rebecca JJ (purplerebecca) wrote,
Rebecca JJ

Art, finally

Alright, ART.
It's about time, yes.

The Baron Kids

These are the Baron kids: Mel, Alcey, Tar, Red, Ryu, Dru, and Ket.

i.e. Melusine, Alcyone, Tarvos, Uther, little cousin Seiryu, Kadru, and Keto.

They'll be starring in an upcoming storyline on Moon and Star Stories. It'll be fun--high school and dolphins will be involved.

ink, photoshop

Girls and dragons = classically fabulous.
I've discovered I have a terrible tendency to treat my gauche as watercolors and my watercolors as gauche. Working on that.
ink, watercolor, white colored pencil, and white gauche on watercolor paper, 2009

The Girls
Kahina, Maria, and Laylea, stars of an upcoming collaborative project I've been working on. ^_^
Designs still in flux, but I wanted to get a solid portrait piece of them done.
watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on watercolor paper

Bella and young Nessie from Breaking Dawn.
Sketched while waiting for the first Twilight movie to start the second time I saw it. (I watched it, oh, 5 times? in theaters.)

Hands and feet, sketched from reference from all over. Lots of DA stock used. pen

That's it for now. :)
Tags: art, moon and star stories, twilight
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