Rebecca JJ (purplerebecca) wrote,
Rebecca JJ

Sapporo, Japan

My little brother Jeffrey (#3, who I am closest with) just received his mission call for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Sapporo, Japan.

*runs around squealing*

That is just so crazy and amazing.

Both he and I are so surprised. Everyone else in the family is less surprised than we are. He's been studying Japanese for two semesters at BYU, but actually getting called to Japan is really rare. I was expecting, like, Brazil or Georgia, USA.

He only submitted his mission paperwork two weeks ago, and got his call back today--that's sooo fast.

I've been rather mopey because I'm going to miss him so much. He'll be gone for two years. :(

It's funny how hard his leaving is hitting me, because two other of my younger brothers went out and I was fine. :) Actually, it was: Mike left on his mission (Montana, 2001), I left on mine (Las Vegas, 2002), and in the last week of my mission, my brother Tim left on his (Netherlands, 2003). We had three missionaries out on missions at the same time from our family for a week. It was awesome.

But now Jeff is going, and I'm the closest with him. We watch anime together, and be geeky/nerdy fanboy and fangirl together, and I'm really really going to miss him. ;_;

But this is extremely awesome. It will be a fantastic experience for him, and after this he will have excellent Japanese language skills for the rest of his life. (Which will make me totally jealous, because I don't have the discipline to learn other languages, even ones I love as much as Japanese.)

Jeff has given his permission to both me and my sister to get married while he is gone. No need to wait. ;) Thanks Jeff, I'd love to. lol

*tears, but happy tears*
Tags: religious
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