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Mistborn and Gurren Lagann, yes, RANDOM

I now have Utah license plates and a Utah drivers license. ehwahh.

I have passed 50 pages on my comic "Together" on Moon and Star Stories. YAY!!! It's more than half-way done.

Last Airbender teaser trailer....I just...don't like the font. I do like his tattoo.

After having read 4 of them, I can authoritatively say that Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novels are teh awesome. All of them. Elantris, Warbreaker, Alcatraz vs The Evil Librarians 1, and Mistborn 1 = fantabulousness.

However, the biggest thing on my mind after having finished Mistborn 1 at 7:30 am (*cough*) yesterday, was wanting to call my little brother and say:

"OMG, JEFFREY!!! It's GURRAN LAGGAN, season 1!!!!"

(When I did call him, waking him up at 9:30am, he forestalled me with "Don't tell me anything, I haven't read it yet." Which is why I'm frustrated and typing this here instead.)

The plot structures of the 2006 novel Mistborn: The Final Empire, and the first season of 2007 fanboy-adored Gainax anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are REMARKABLY SIMILAR. Don't tell me you haven't noticed. lol

Since they were developed independently and on the other side of the world from each other, I'm going to assume there was no actual cross-pollination on the stories, but just a case of creative minds thinking alike.

Let me outline:

After having been oppressed for a millennia by the Evil Overlord (the Spiral King/the Lord Ruler) and his superpowered favored followers (the beastmen/the nobility), humanity finally gets the willpower to overthrow him. An underdog leader of remarkable charisma emerges (Kamina/Kelsier), gathers followers, and when he dies tragically and heroically he inspires almost-divine faith and determination in his followers, leading them to rise up and defeat their oppressors. His successor and the actual protagonist (Simon/Vin) is able to defeat the evil bigbad through the force of his/her will. As the evil ruler is dying however, he reveals that he has actually been protecting mankind from something much worse (the Anti-Spirals/the Deepness), and now that he is gone, it will come and destroy them. The heroes are left to set up a new government and wait for this forewarned evil to appear. End Season 1/Book 1.

There is also the idealistic love interest born from the enemy (Nia/Elend-whom-I-love), characters having to dig through the caves and dirt for their lives (the Hathsin Pit slaves could have used some drills), oppression of reproduction, and creatures with faces where they shouldn't be (the mechas/mistwraiths). (Gainax didn't seem to understand that machines with faces on their torsos are actually REALLY CREEPY.)

As soon as Kelsier was killed in Mistborn, I was "Ah! It's Gurren Lagann!!!", but with, you know, a power system that makes much more sense and is much cooler, a fantastic female main character, and without the mecha, the phallic symbology (SPIRAL POWER!), and the Gainax bounce. Thank you, Brandon, I appreciate that.

I'm now on to Mistborn 2 & 3, and if the trilogy ends with the love-interest dead and the hero(ine) wandering off to be useless and alone for the rest of their lives like in Gurran Lagann, I'm going to hit something. (After all that focus on Spiral Power--i.e. evolution and progress, i.e., the power of life, i.e. having children that are stronger and better every generation--the main heroes who have the best genes, Simon and Nia, don't end up having children and passing on their SPIRAL POWER! Garrrgh. Therein lies my main annoyance with Garren Lagann. You know, past the fanservice and the mechas running on faith and hot blooded determination.

If you can't tell, has taken over my brain. I love it.(And I have just overused the parenthese.) (a lot)

Vin had better not wield Galaxy Shirikans at the end of Book 3.
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