Rebecca JJ (purplerebecca) wrote,
Rebecca JJ

Christmas Art and Quick Commissions

Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas!!
Mine was.

Just posted new art on dA, I'll get it up on my website later. My computer is in another state and ftping from a different computer is obnoxious.

Austen: Jane and Elizabeth
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

Decor: Pink Flowers
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

Decor: Poppies
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

Comm: ShinoHana
by ~purplerebecca on deviantART

I'm offering quick commissions for this week only!
Watercolored single character for $18 and couple pics for $32. If you're interested, head to this dA journal entry for details. :)
Tags: art
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