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Technological temporal displacement is ANNOYING

A new pet peeve has finally solidified in my mind: Technological temporal displacement in urban/paranormal fantasy and some scifi.
I.e., when a novel came out in 2006, but it's P.I. main character has a pager and a modem. I'm like, "What? What ficken year is it??? 1999?"

It matters, oh authors! If the tech in your book doesn't match the tech common the year your book comes out, please actually STATE what year your novel is set in in the text of the novel. I don't care if there are vampires running around, that pager throws me out of the story and makes me question everything you wrote. WHEN is this story? Where are their CELL PHONES?? OMG, SO ANNOYING.
Yoshitaka Amano

Dogwood Ch4: Stories, p11-17

Goodness gracious, I'm updating Dogwood. It's been two years since the last pages were uploaded. Yeegh. Gomen nasai, mina-sama.

Even when I'm trying to be faster, I'm a slow comicker. And I don't know if anyone will like me after this update, it's not exactly a happy one...

Dogwood Blossoms
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Dogwood Ch4: Stories, p11-17

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Lizzy and the Goblin begins

My webcomic Moon and Star Stories is off of hiatus, and the first page of the next comic is up! There'll be another page on Friday, be sure to check it out!

Lizzy and the Goblin - Where Lizzy encounters a goblin in the wood. It'll be 13 pages when done.

I'm full-color watercoloring this time, and the first two pages killed me. Hopefully the rest will come easier.
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Art, finally

Alright, ART.
It's about time, yes.

The Baron Kids

These are the Baron kids: Mel, Alcey, Tar, Red, Ryu, Dru, and Ket.

i.e. Melusine, Alcyone, Tarvos, Uther, little cousin Seiryu, Kadru, and Keto.

They'll be starring in an upcoming storyline on Moon and Star Stories. It'll be fun--high school and dolphins will be involved.

ink, photoshop

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Sapporo, Japan

My little brother Jeffrey (#3, who I am closest with) just received his mission call for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Sapporo, Japan.

*runs around squealing*

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Yay Host Movie

Stephenie Meyer's "The Host" to be made into a movie. link link

WHEEEEE!!!!!! YAY!!! *runs around excitedly*

I love this book so much, and-and am in general excited.

I want this guy for Ian. yum.

Also, I'm adoring The Vampire Diaries at two episodes in. It's so troperific and lolastic and fabulous at the same time. Love.

Also, this. (from here)